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If you have used a tool with your students and you do not see it below, please add it into the "Comments" section at the bottom of this page.  If you can include an example of how you (or your students) used the tool and a sample lesson plan, that would be very useful for other faculty.

Name & Link

Suggested Uses
(What does it "make"?)



Create custom / interactive maps which can be embedded on page, linked to, or shared.
  • free
  • Add text, markers,shapes
  • Create widgets
Used as an interactive map in HSPB515 (Ken Christie)
Create and publish interactive maps
  • free
  • no signup required
  • Add text, marker, images, multimedia
  • Embed in course - student click + to add markers & info
Demn540 (Practicum locations)

Things that you can do with Popcorn maker are;

- Adding annotations and hyperlinks.

- Inserting Popup texts

- Inserting Google Map images

- Adding Twitter words or searches

- Inserting images

- Adding Playback controls; loop, skip and pause options.


Camn520 course assignment description (students make an introductory video)


Insert questions and embedded objects (maps, images, etc.) into any video
  • free
  • perfect for flipped classrooms



Animated presentations, with music and text (cartoony)

  • Free, 5 min video limit
  • No download
  • Pay for additional features, quality

ISWO Mini-sessions:
Your Learning Journal:

Screencasts, showing people around websites


ISWO Navigation Tutorial :

Sticky notes, canvas surface


S. Wood intro to SET:

Simple to complex animated videos

  • As a free user, you can only make videos up to 30 seconds in length

S. Wood intro to SET:

Animated, talking avatars; classroom version allows students to produce privately

  • Free account (stores avatars)
  • Not time-limited
  • 60 sec audio
  • Pay for classroom or presenter versions
  • Share by email or social media or embed in website

J. Axe introduction:

Create storyboards, cartoon strips

  • Easy drag and drop
  • Do 3 scenes for free
  • Need to login to save/export

S. Wood intro to ABC:

Word clouds with styles, create visuals of discussions, speeches, introductions
  • Free, beta
  • May change to pay requirement at any time
Imagery and music while the hand draws
  • 7-day free trial
Community building
  • No account necessary
Sticky-notes; good for community building SET faculty community building
Tool for the iPad and web to capture and organize your ideas  
Tool for the iPad, enhance video clips
  • Free
  • Comes installed on recent model iPad, iPhone


Lucidchart is a free collaborative online diagramming tool for students and teachers.

(Doug Seeley) EECO504


More places to find tools: